About Tim Doman

Hi! I’m Tim Doman, the founder of this wonderful blog about online business. I write about banking, online marketing, software for business, and making money online.

I have been passionate about doing business online since my early days as an investment fund analyst. Later, I started a career in a private equity investment fund, where I also learned a lot about online marketing. Investing in tech companies and online marketing became my passion and a way to make money for the next decade.

In 2009, I started as an investment analyst and quickly grew to a managerial position. Three years later, I was managing a team of 30 people. That was a great time, eh!?

Later, I held the positions of CMO and CEO and completely switched to strategic planning and building 2nd and 3rd levels of management.

Being a C-Level in a big company and working with all the people and consultants (that you also choose), you learn a lot. And the best part of it, you are starting to understand and feel the big picture of the business.

Due to my 13 years of a successful career in tech investments and online marketing, I consider myself someone who is qualified in these fields:

  • Early-stage investments in tech companies
  • Banking and capital allocation
  • Display Ads and Traffic Acquisition in General
  • Customers Retention
  • Business Analytics
  • Brand Building
  • Investment Planning and Management
  • Personal and Teams Productivity

I will not stick to any specific topic or industry in my blog. The world is changing. We are changing. I’m constantly learning when I’m developing my business online.

What is the best way to learn more about the topic and understand it better? Right, to write a blog post about it.

And the only way to grow a successful blog business on a scale is to deliver exceptional and helpful content.

You can contact me via email or connect me on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook.