Tim Doman – SEO Expert in Dubai to Grow Your Business

The digitalization of business has already happened, and winning competition online is crucial. And for many companies, that means turning to an SEO consultant to help them boost their search engine rankings and drive more leads to their business.

One such expert is me, Tim Doman, a Dubai-based SEO expert who can help you to achieve greater visibility and success online.

Read on to find out more about me – entrepreneur, CEO of TopMobileBanks, and SEO expert in Dubai who can help you boost your business.

Who am I?

I’ve three stages in my business life that can get you an idea of what my background is, what are my recent successes (I would love to tell you about my failures during a call), and why I might be the best SEO specialist in Dubai.

I might not be the best person in SEO itself, but I’m the one who can have a broad look at your business and online presence and find out efficient ways to grow your business online.

It’s better to think about me as a consultant for the online part of your business and as about digital marketing expert. I might be the best one to help you grow in Dubai, the UAE, and worldwide.

Why? Let’s find out.

Early Days as a Private Equity Fund Analyst

I started my career as an analyst in a private equity fund. I wasn’t really a part of day-to-day operations during the first year or two, but I had a chance to learn a lot about online businesses that we were looking to invest in or acquire.

Since it was more than a decade ago and not very relevant to SEO services, let’s fast forward to the next stage of my career.

A Decade as an Executive in Private Equity Fund

That’s where the fun part begins.

Initially, I was looking for and closing M&A deals for the private equity fund that invested in online businesses. After the number of companies where the fund had a share grew fast, there was a need for someone who would oversee companies and help in operations.

That’s how I got a deep knowledge and huge experience in how online business operates and where the lines are between success and failure.

I would say that at least half of the success of online businesses that I’ve taken part in is digital marketing.

Based on my experience, there are three parts to successful online marketing:

  • ROI-Based Traffic Acquisition (Search Engines, Display Ads, Social Media)
  • Product Conversion Rate
  • Customer Retention

It takes a couple of years to go big for companies that have succeeded in building all three parts.

My Current Project and Recent Success in SEO

Now I’m an entrepreneur, investor, and CEO of TopMobileBanks.com – the largest site for digital banking.

I would use an example of TopMobileBanks to prove my expertise in SEO and digital marketing.

As you can imagine, the finance space is one of the most competitive in the US.

I succeeded in growing the TopMobileBanks visitor number from 65,582 visitors in January 2022 to 313,583 visitors in December 2022.

topmobilebanks traffic

That’s a whopping 378% growth in 12 months. Over 80% of the audience is from the U.S., the most competitive market in SEO and digital marketing.

Since I’ve achieved recent SEO success in such a competitive industry as finance and such a competitive market as the U.S., I know I can crush the competition for you in many other markets too.

Not a Typical SEO Agency for Your Business

Most SEO Agencies in the UAE and in Dubai offer monthly packages that are priced between $2,000 and $25,000 per month.

Typically agencies include the following services in their SEO packages:

  • SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Plan and its creation process
  • Link Building

While that’s all good, what is the problem there?

Usually, this work is done by junior (by my standards) agency’s SEOs who were taught about following the certain SEO/Digital Marketing process.

They don’t see the big picture. They don’t know what it is like to oversee the overall success of your business.

I’m an executive and business owner just like you. So, when we work together, we are finding out how to win a competition in business overall, not just in Dubai SEO or Digital Marketing.

The Process of Working with Me as with SEO Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant

There is five steps process that I found to work the best.

  1. First Phone Call. We are getting to know each other, and I am learning from you about your business. (60-120 mins)
  2. Follow-up Phone Call. Since I already know what your business is, I’m starting my research. Likely I’ll need a second call with you to learn more specifics about your business and your competitors. (60-120 mins)
  3. I present you SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy. It will take me 10 business days to dive deep into your industry, find lucrative opportunities and come up with a strategic plan presented to you with steps and numbers. (10 business days)
  4. Execution of SEO and Digital Strategy. Together with you, we find the best way to apply the plan to your business. (with the first business results during the 2-6 months of the project)
  5. Check-Ups. We can agree to monthly check-ups to see your progress and make SEO and Digital Marketing adjustments.

How to Hire Me, Likely the Best SEO Expert in Dubai

I’m looking only for a handful best clients.

I’m not interested in selling monthly SEO packages and building up big operations that serve $2,000 a month clients.

I want to offer boutique SEO and Digital Marketing services in Dubai and in the UAE.

So, it isn’t cheap.

Now, in January 2023, I’m offering three ways of hiring me and can onboard only 2 more clients.

Here are the products I’m offering.

Product 1. Your Business Growth through SEO and Digital Marketing

We will have two calls with you, and I’ll present you with an SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy with numbers, specific opportunities, and steps on what to do to win more customers for your business.

It will include:

  • Your current weak spots and ways how to fix it
  • How do you stand against the competition (with pictures and numbers)
  • What are the short, mid, and long-term opportunities to win more customers for your business through SEO and Digital Marketing (that will look like a business plan and will include all the steps in detail)

The good thing is that after I’ll do my work, your in-house marketing person or your agency can take it over and execute it according to the detailed documentation I provide.

The Product price is AED 39,000. No discounts. 15 business days delivery starting from the first call.

If you are looking to purchase this service, drop me an email – tim@timdoman.com. We will set up a 30-minute call where you can ask all the questions and make a final decision.

Please, set up a call only if you are feeling there is a high chance of working together and have specific questions.

Product 2. A Mini Consulting

We are starting a smaller project tailor-made to your current SEO and Digital Marketing targets.

We are jumping on a series of phone calls between which I do my part of the research and find solutions that help to grow you grow your business online.

I charge AED 790 per hour. No discounts. It may take a couple of weeks before I can start working on your project.

If you are interested in this type of SEO and Digital Marketing expert consulting, please drop me an email – tim@timdoman.com